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Postal Service

How do you write a postal mailing address?
What should workers of the state postal service know about postal service?
What workers are associated with state postal service?
When did the postal code system come into existing?
When was the postal code system last updated in the state?
How should a global postal code system of various continents and states look?
Here are further guidelines.
Postal Workers
Postal Inspectors
Postal Regulatory Commission
Let's examine this: Postal service.
Why shouldn't postal service offer online e-mail service?
What are the benefits of this system to the postal service as well as non-postal service?
Reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness.
What are my recommendations?
Maintain the existing system; implement a new system.
What resources do you need to implement a new system?
How much should this service cost?
Should there be e-stamps or credit card payments?
Why should the postal service take this responsibility?
Reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness.
Unless postal service has planted members of monopolists, there is no reason not to start this service.
There are credible confirmed cases of e-mail blocks to enhance monopoly - international, regional and local.
Do you want me to start this e-mail service internationally?
I need international partners in all cities worldwide.

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