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Poultry Farming-Project Report

Poultry Cage Systems (Large Scale Industries)

What should be the dimensions of a poultry farm with the capacity of rearing 10,000 chicks per batch?
    Chicks need very little floor space the first few days with the pen being made bigger as your chicks grow. Hens are required to have at least 1.3 square feet per bird floor space in the henhouse. Lot size between 50,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet:

    An administrative agency opens a poultry consultancy without answering this question:
    Where are the demarcated poultry industrial estates in the state?

    Take a look at this.
Chicken Hatchery
Poultry Farms
Poultry Supplies
    Chicken Coops
    Poulty Feeds & Nutrition
Raised floor systems (Small Scale Industries)
Chicken Cuts Diagram - How to Cut a Chicken
Breed Questions
Baby Chicks
Coop Design and Construction
Cold Weather & Chickens
Diseases and Disorders
Food and Water
Hens and Eggs
Hatching Eggs
Roosts and Nests
Miscellaneous Questions
Are all hens getting enough feed?
Is feed distribution uniform (continuous)?
Is there adequate feeder space to allow all hens to eat?
Does the feed contain the nutrients and energy calculated?
Is the feed too fine or dusty?
Are the birds consuming enough water?
Was light intensity and duration adequate?
Is energy intake adequate?
Was energy intake adequate?
Are we providing adequate light, feed and water?