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What is a riot?
A violent protest by a crowd of people with common purpose.
In some regions, twelve or more people involved in harms is a riot. If there are fewer than twelve people present, it is considered a violent disorder.

What is the difference between a riot and riots?
If there is rioting at multiple places with common purpose, it becomes riots.

What are examples of riots?
August 8, 2011
Riots spread in London

How do you manage riots?

Medical management is needed to diagnose and treat the injured.

Law department and police intervention are needed.

If riots continue use one or more of these:
Water cannons,
Lathi charge (used in London), armored vehicles, detention, and/or evacuation.
Document the issues behind the riot.
Impose a curfew.
Impose a ban on assembly of more than three people.
Fix the issues in case of genuine violations of rights.
If harms are due to incompetent administration, replace the incompetent, harmful administration.