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Secretary of State
What are the duties of the secretary of state?
The secretary of state issues state identity cards, incorporates products and services in the state, and files annual reports.
Here are further guidelines.
What should you be able to answer in the annual report?

What are the key products and services?
You should focus on products and services in essential ingredients of the economy.

Here are further guidelines.

How did your activities enhance the essential ingredients of the economy in the state?

There is no need to elaborate on financial achievements.
Fraudulent money is being circulated to the full capacity.
Pay commission makes recommendations without knowing the basics of the state economy and budget.
Workers' remuneration should be mentioned.
Terms like profit and salary do not reflect that the economy has been enhanced.
Remuneration recommendations should be taken into consideration.

Add value to ration card or link card.

What should you do if you have quality products and services in essential ingredients of the economy?
You need to register with the secretary of state in the state you are located.

What should you do if you need to have your products and services in another state?
You need to establish a franchise in another state.
You cannot be located in one state and try to monopolize buildings of another state.
Here are further guidelines.