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Who should oversee immigration services of the state?
How many people should be involved in this type of service?
What should be their skills and knowledge?

What should immigration services do if they can not adjust more residents due to the state being full?

If they declare the state full, they should forward them to another state.
If they adjust any one after that date, this will be discrimination, unfair.

Immigration services have to be utilized to enhance economy, budget, and rights. In some regions, immigration services have a reputation of a monopoly-managed mafia enterprise.

Here is a planning and development question.
This is a planning and development question and immigration question as well.
How many people with all civilized resources within the state can a state accommodate with 360,000 square miles area with abundant water resources and fertile land?

If a civilized person's rights are not fulfilled in one state due to valid reasons, they can be fulfilled in another state.
If there is political disturbance, full international resources should be mobilized to establish a civilized setup to protect rights of people.

What should you take care of while issuing any visa or permit for women?
Women are not exploited. There is a behind the scenes criminal conspiracy to transfer women under any different pretext with ulterior motives and criminal intent to exploit women.

Visa scandals with criminal conspiracy, intentional harm.
What should you take care of while issuing any travel document or endorsement to travel, particularly for a female?

If a woman has been transferred from one region to another, how do you prove this is a criminal conspiracy with intentional harm?

Where and when was she born?
How many women of the same ethnicity, religion, and region within 50 miles were transferred to the same region during the same time period?
Who should be punished?
All those who are directly and indirectly involved.
From the place of origin, transit to place of destination and others.