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Q. What are the duties of a state economy and budget department?
They answer questions displayed at this location:

Q. Who is head of the economy and budget department in your state?
Should people be harmed if there is a deficiency of services or incompetent, harmful head of state and associates?
No, they should not be.
People need to work as per the need of economy of the state.
All people do not need to work at the same time on-site, in the field, or other locations.

Department of economy and budget.

What should the state department of economy and budget do?
What should this department do?
Here are further guidelines.
What should the head of this department do?
Answer the following questions:
How many people should work in this department?

Q: What about electricity, water supply?
A: Free.

Q: How should those working in these departments be remunerated?
A: Ration card, health care, transportation, housing, consumer goods, communications card.

Q: What about equipment utilized in various departments?
A: Enhance indigenous industries. Import and export goods and services for other goods and services.

A Department of Economy and Budget is essential.