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Q. What aren't essential ingredients of the economy?
A. Entertainment.
B. Tourism.
C. Nonessential handicrafts.
D. Wildlife sanctuaries.
E. Religious institutions not imparting situation-specific education.
F. Non-health related sports.
G. Lottery.
H. Ineffective, harmful social services.
I. Harmful property management burdening police, courts, health care resources.
J. Banks and other institutions that try to get involved in loans, funding, financing.
K. Banks that don't integrate with industry-specific, situation-specific education resources and display publicly.
Department of economy and budget is essential.

Q. What harms are involved with tourism or hospitality?
A: Tied up in tourism, hospitality brings bad character, bad behavior, crime, fake currency, and monopoly. Tourism hospitality is a burden on the economy and budget of the region. Accepting, exchanging notes and currency in tourism, hospitality isn't enhancing the economy or helping budget.

Q. What leads banks and institutions to get involved in such harmful reinforcement?
A: Incompetence, lack of knowledge of economics and budget, corruption, favorable posting in return for such reinforcement, and monopoly.
Matters related to converting hotels involved in harms and crimes to educational trusts. Punishment of those involved in harms.

Q. What individuals, people, or organizations have been found to be violating rights and destroying the economy and budget of various regions?
A: Reserve Bank of India
College of Agricultural Banking
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
International Monetary Fund
Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
Indian Banks Association
Banks in India
Multi Lateral Institutions
Asian Clearing Union(ACU)
Asian Development Bank
Bank for International Settlements, Basle
Small Industries Development Bank of India
J&k Bank
International Monetary Fund
London Stock Exchange
World Bank
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority(IRDA)
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
Union Finance Ministry
Ministry of Finance
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
National Housing Bank
Other Central Banks
State Bank of India
Punjab National Bank
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Other Regulators
Bhartiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited
Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.
Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India
Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited.

Have you come across these maliciously manipulated awards, recognition of so-called financial institutions and banks?

Do not get swayed by maliciously manipulated awards, recognition of so-called financial institutions, banks, their affiliates and associates. They must close down. Simple solution: consumer affairs and public distribution is the best system.

Q. How have and are they violating rights and destroying the economy and budget of various regions?
A: Let's examine this.
I will give you a real-world example.
In America, at Kinko's, one worker asked me to take a look at events.
The worker pushed a button and hundreds of dollars were printed.
All were the exact pattern, color, and size.
They told me they will mail it to Asia if I agree. I disagreed.

This is the same thing the Reserve Bank of India is doing.
Why should we agree to the Reserve Bank of India?
It is doing precisiely what Kinko's demonstrated.
Its activity destroys the economy and budget of the region.

Notes printed by the Reserve Bank of India won't enhance the economy or help the budget.

Some banks try to meddle with the economy with malicious monopoly-engineered fraudulent schemes that destroy the economy and budget with fake currency, monopoly, and incompetence.

Those who have been involved in non-essential ingredients of the economy should be redirected to properly enhance essential ingredients of economy.
Those involved in harms should be punished.

Q. Should company, franchise, administrative, and non-administrative products and services be channeled via state consumer affairs, food and public distribution centers?
A: Yes.

Q. What advice is there for those in nonessential ingredients of economy?
A. Prepare yourself to be at least an English language teacher or agriculture scientist, while maintaining good character, good behavior, and competence.

Those involved in harms should be punished.