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Q. What are the duties and responsibilities of an English language teacher?
A: In addition to English language, he/she should teach about good character, good behavior, rights, economy, and budget.

Q. Should quality curriculum or class size, or both, be matters of concern in the schools?
A: Curriculum should get priority.

Q. What should be the initial lessons in every Engineering college?
A: Planning and Development.

In many Engineering colleges, they start with lessons about strengths of materials, corrosion, general chemistry, or physics.

Others get unfair admission to engineering college, pass time at the canteen until four years are over, and hobnob with corrupt regimes, thus harming people.

Q. What should engineers focus on after state planning and development?

Engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, aerospace) should focus on their specific specialties.
After state planning and development, agriculture engineers or scientists should focus on fields.

Q. How will you plan and develop a state iron factory for the needs of state railways and minimum four-storied buildings?

Q. Should agriculture engineers or scientists know about state planning and development?
A: Yes.

Ideally, military officers, army officers, and police officers should have education at law college.
It is the duty of engineers to manufacture military equipment and police equipment.

Military, army, and police equipment is manufactured by mechanical engineers and aerospace engineers.

Q. What are the prerequisites of military, administrative, professional, or police service?
A: You should know about good character, good behavior, rights, economy, budget, and advanced technologies.

Q. Should all police officers and administrative officers know compartments of state planning and development?
A: Yes.

How many police officers have computer and internet resources?

Should directives go ahead as per compartments of the state?

Where are they displayed?
Take a look at this.
Planning and Development.

Should remuneration be displayed or pay scale?
Remuneration is a better terminology; it fulfills needs and rights in a better way than pay scale.