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Q. What services have to be integrated with essential ingredients of the economy?
A: Consumer affairs food and public distribution of the state.
Immigration services of the state.

Q. What is the department of consumer affairs food and public distribution called in other regions?
A: Department of human services.
Consumer affairs and public distribution.

Once consumer affairs food and public distribution knows the total products and services in the state, then proper quota can be distributed to everyone fairly.

Q. Where should people submit details of their needs, products and services, skills and knowledge?
A family community resource center is the place to submit the needs, products and services, skills and knowledge, claims, and problems.

The yearly process of economy and budget usually starts on the first day of November.

Q. What should happen if there is no family community resource center in your region or state?
If your region or state does not have one, then one should be opened. The mailing address, e-mail, Internet address, fax, and telephone should be available publicly.

From the family community resource center, everything should be routed to the state economy and budget department and the state planning and development department. Always keep essential ingredients of economy in mind. Make sure the state economy and budget and state planning and development departments are managed by people who have answers to relevant questions.