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Legislation was recommended to the state Assembly to open new universities. There are at least ten fields of study, fifty subjects, which a state or any global university should offer. All courses should have global and state relevance.

They have not been able to answer these relevant questions.
What will they teach?
What fields of study or subjects do they offer?
What are various fields of study or subjects dealing with essential ingredients of the economy?
Who is going to author the new courses in question-and-answer format in the English language?
How are these courses better than existing courses?
Why was there need for a new university?

Is this university going to have courses in question-and-answer format in the English language better than Qureshi University?
Is there a Qureshi University center in the state?
Why should there not be Qureshi University center in the state if there is not one, instead of a new university?
Is Qureshi University going to enhance skills and knowledge of workers, situation-specific and industry-specific in essential ingredients of the economy in English language in the state?
Yes, it is going to.
Is anyone trying to sabotage online education or offline education from Qureshi University?
How should this be monitored regularly and prevented?

What will Qureshi University teach them?
Take a look at the facts.
Available courses, degrees.

Why shouldn't workers of Qureshi University get remuneration in the state?
How much remuneration are workers of other universities getting in the state?
Why have existing universities failed to offer quality education in question-and-answer format in the English language?
Why shouldn't a permanent faculty of Qureshi University be established in the state?

Have existing universities authored courses themselves?
Who has authored the courses?
There is going to be copyright infringement if you or they have not authored courses themselves.
This is going to be a subsidiary university if courses are borrowed from others.