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What should be the skills and knowledge of the state director of immigrations?

You should know the rights of documented residents and undocumented residents.
You should be able to understand issues.
You should be able to reply in a timely manner.
You should ask for more workers in case there is deficiency of workers.
You should have close coordination with the state planning and development department and the state economy and budget department.
You should be able to reply to all questions.
You should be able to display your competence publicly by answering questions.
You should maintain an Internet presence with answers to relevant questions as proof of your competence.
You should explain why if you do not have Internet presence or an e-mail address.
Your absence on the Internet is one proof of your incompetence.
You should be able to prove that your services are better than other services.
Your reply to questions is proof of your competence.
You should have skills and knowledge of state economy, budget, and rights.
You should be able to guide others by answering relevant questions.
You should have insight of state planning and development. You should practice good character.
You should practice good behavior.