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Electronic Filing (E-Filing) of court records
State Courts Electronic Filing
What should those connected to Electronic Filing (E-Filing) of court records be aware of?

Does it make sense to update the court records electronically if the issues, harms, and problems are not resolved with solutions?
No, it does not.

What is the proof of this claim or harms?
Judicial malpractice.
Here are various facts.

What is Electronic Filing (E-Filing) of court records?
The Electronic Filing (E-Filing) system allows one to file legal papers by electronic means using a web-based application.

Is it always necessary to login to an account and then file court records?
No, this is not always possible.
You can e-mail, fax, postal mail, or walk in to update electronic court records.
Courts on their own can update electronic court records based on truth or verified discoveries.

What types of intentional or technical difficulties have been reported up to now with state courtsí Electronic Filing (E-Filing) system?
Intentionally ignoring the harms.
Derelection of duty.
Other harms.

How would you like to resolve these harms?
You have the duty to resolve the issues, harms, and problems with solutions.
Those from the system and judiciary, or any departments, who have shown dereliction of duty, intentional harms, or sabotage must be asked to resign with further punishments, with solutions and remedies.

Judicial Negligence