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Engineering Tools
    What is a tool?
    What are types of tools?
    Here are further guidelines.
Aircraft tools
Auto tools

Room acoustics, acoustic properties - decibel A, B and C - Noise Rating (NR) curves, sound transmission, sound pressure, sound intensity, attenuation and more ..
Air Psychrometrics

The study of moist and humid air - air condition - psychrometric charts, Mollier diagrams, air temperature, absolute and relative humidity, moisture content and more .
Basic hand tools

Basic Information as SI-system, Unit converters, Physical constants...
Boiler house topics - fuels like oil, gas, coal, wood - chimneys, safety valves, tanks - combustion efficiency
Brick Masonry Tools
Masonry Tools
Car Tools
Crimp tools
Drawing Tools

2D and 3D drawing tools

Dynamics Motion - velocity and acceleration
Electrical hand tools
Electrical tools
Electric toolset
Electrical Tools

Amps and electrical wiring, AWG - wire gauge, electrical formulas, motors and units

Climate, Meteorology, Sun, Wind and environmental resources
Fluid Mechanics

The study of fluids - liquids and gases. Involves various properties of the fluid, such as velocity, pressure, density and temperature, as functions of space and time.
Gas and Compressed Air

Gas properties, capacities of pipelines, sizing of relief valves - air, LNG, LPG and more
HVAC Tools

HVAC Systems
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
Hand Tools & Carpentry Tools
Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems - force, pistons, pumps and fluids
Iron for machine tools

Heat transfer and heat loss from buildings and technical applications - insulation methods and coefficients to reduce energy consumption
Lineman equipment tools
Measuring and marking tools
Medical doctor tools technology
Material Properties

Material properties - density, heat capacity, viscosity and more - for gases, fluids and solids

Mathematical rules and laws - areas, volumes, exponents, trigonometric functions and more

Kinematics, forces, vectors, motion, momentum, energy and the dynamics of objects

Miscellaneous engineering related topics like Beaufort Wind Scale, CE-marking, drawing standards and more
Pneumatic Tools
Power tools

Human physiology, air quality and comfort temperatures, activity and metabolic rates, health effects of carbon monoxide and more
Piping Systems

Dimensions of pipes and tubes - dimensions, materials, capacities - pressure drop calculations and charts - insulation and heat loss diagrams
Plumbers, Pipelayers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters
Process Control

Instrumentation and process control systems - engineering and documentation

Piping systems and pumps - centrifugal pumps, displacement pumps - cavitation, viscosity, head and pressure, power consumption and more
Plumbing tools
Painting Tools
Scientific Calculator
Standards Organizations

International organizations producing codes and standards - ANSI, ISO, DIN, BSi and more
Steam and Condensate

Steam & condensate properties - capacities, pipe sizing, systems configuration and more
Tools and installation accessories
Tools used pc assembly
Tools and machines Aerospace Engineer
Tools and machines maintenance and repair
Tools required for electronics
Tools to assemble desktop computer

The effects of work, heat and energy on a system
Types of tools
Woodworking Tools and Hardware
Water Systems

Hot and cold water systems - design properties, capacities, sizing and more
Welding Tools