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Forcible closure of media involved in criminal activities.
Media law violation in the state.
What media resources should have forcible closure?

North America

Forcible closure of
ABC News ABC News, 47 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023
ARY News
Associated Press
BBC News
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
PBS Public Broadcasting Service
2100 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
Fox News Fox News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10036

News Corp 1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
New York Times Termination from service. Termination from service in certain situations can be forcible due to various harms.
Margaret Sullivan public editor
Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman & Publisher.
David Perpich, Senior Vice President, Product.

Reinforcing criminals
Hillary Clinton

What did you understand after reading these facts?
400 N. Capitol St., NW
Suite 650
Washington, DC 20001
NPR : National Public Radio
NPR Satellite Services
1111 North Capitol Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Washington Post
WGN Television WGN Television
2501 West Bradley Place
Chicago, Illinois 60618-4718


The CW Television Network
3300 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, California 91505

Al Jazeera English
ARY News
Business Standard
Chandigarh Tribune
Daily News & Analysis?
Deccan Herald
Economic Times
Indian Express
India Today
Reuters Canary Wharf, London,
Rising Kashmir
Times of India
The Hindu Chennai (Madras)
Tamil Nadu
The Guardian? The Guardian
222 Broadway
22nd and 23rd Floors
New York, New York, 10038

Kings Place, 90 York Way
London N1 9GU
Zee News
What should local police, local intelligence, state police, state military, state departments of law, and international police include in the criminal offenses in addition to other criminal charges?
Reinforcing criminals

Name of Guilty: Barack Obama
Attached photograph:
Sentence/Punishment: Death penalty
Projected Parole Eligibility: Not Eligible
Date of birth: August 4, 1961
Offenses: Abuse of Office
Abuse of Office and Misuse of Administrative Resources
Abuses and Usurpations
Accessory to a Felony
Criminal Conspiracies

Barack Obama claiming to be president of the United States, Joe Biden claiming to be vice president of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden must be updated; you are among the accused. You cannot get involved in public issues.
All media and advertisers must be update about these facts.

What punishments do you deserve?
Dishonorable discharge from service with punishment.

Harms have been detailed in the enclosure.
Barack Obama could face 10 years to life in prison, says a judge.
Retired General Calls For Obama's Forced Resignation
Barack Obama has to face judicial death penalty, says Asif Qureshi, the complainant.

The individual in the photograph, Barack Obama, should face:
Travel ban.
Aircraft access ban.
Public speech ban, being class 1 felon.
Confiscation of all his assets.
Further punishments are required.
Barack Obama is a class 1 Felon.
A Class 1 felon like Barack Obama cannot visit other locations on planned or unplanned visit.
A Class 1 felon like Barack Obama cannot make any public decisions.

Further facts at www.nazianazirqazi.org.

Maryland department of corrections: remind Barack Obama that president of the United States of America has to be transferred to Maryland jail and is not eligible for parole.

Maryland department of corrections, take help from Maryland state police, Maryland military, powered by other states. District of Columbia corrections is seeking help due to facts this area does not have established department of corrections resources.
Central Intelligence agency: remind all overseas he is a class 1 felon; death penalty is only option.

Name of Guilty: Narendra Modi
Attached photograph:
Sentence/Punishment: Death penalty
Projected Parole Eligibility: Not Eligible

Name of Guilty: Nawaz Sherif
Attached photograph:
Sentence/Punishment: Death penalty
Projected Parole Eligibility: Not Eligible

Name of Guilty: Ban Ki-moon
Attached photograph:
Sentence/Punishment: Death penalty
Projected Parole Eligibility: Not Eligible

Last Updated: January 7, 2016
Hillary Clinton a class 1 felon female.
Name of Guilty: Hillary Clinton
Attached photograph:
Sentence/Punishment: Death penalty
Projected Parole Eligibility: Not Eligible
Death Penalty.
What should others know about harms and criminal activities from Hillary Clinton on others?
Hillary Clinton, born October 26, 1947, is a class 1 felon female.
Class 1 felon females means she is involved in criminal offenses of class 1 felonies; punishment for such criminal activities is death penalty or life in prison.

What should law enforcement in the state or outside the state be aware of?
She may offer sex herself.
She may bring another woman to offer sex to trick administration of justice in the state or outside the state.
She may circulate fraudulent finance or fraudulent resources to trick others and bribe them directly or indirectly.
She may grab genuine resources meant for public services in the state or outside the state to offer to others and escape punishments.

Hillary Clinton is a class 1 felon female.
American jails have lots of class 1 felon females.
Hillary Clinton has to be one of them until death penalty or life in prison.
Some criminals outside America are trying to reinforce this criminal female Hillary Clinton.

Beyond April 12, 2015, she cannot get involved in any public issues.
This should have happened many years ahead.

How should American politics go ahead in America and outside America?
Democrats and Republicans should nominate truthful, well behaved individuals who have not harmed anyone in the past and who will get involved in public service.

Jeb Bush must be also reminded he and his associates are involved in class 1 felonies.
He and his associates cannot get involved in public services.

If any fraudulent individuals like them are fraudulently installed, they must know after been fraudulently installed for public service positions that they can be replaced, even the president or subordinates.

Issues relevant to 2016 presidential process.
By the time a government is installed in the United States of America, caretaker individuals should be placed for public service.

Hillary Clinton, born October 26, 1947, must be reminded she is entitled to two meals a day in prison until her death penalty.

Worldwide, remind nearest embassies from North America to upgrade truthfulness, good behavior, and public service from America, including residents and representatives from America who try to be world leaders.

If nominees from Democrats or Republicans in the state or outside the state are not truthful, well behaved, public services oriented in the state or outside the state, a nominee from the Global democratic party or independents should compete in America for President or North America or care taker administrator of USA president while North American Government is established that is public service oriented without any harms. State criminal law in every state must prevail.

How should public alert to public and law enforcements other department in the state and outside the state be circulated?
All listed harmful individuals involved in criminal offenses elaborated at this resource cannot get involved in front end or back end of public service. In such situations, they also have been harmful.
Back end public services means Internet web server operations without any one meeting or seeing them. They cannot remain on any surveillance or have access to any records of other individuals. Harms have occurred.

Those who are identified as Democrats or Republicans from America then can differentiate themselves between truthful, well behaved, competent, public service-oriented in the state and outside the state Democrats and Republicans, as compared to liars, badly behaved, incompetent, harmful in the state and outside the state Democrats and Republicans. They can even create another party or parties of truthful, well behaved, competent individuals who are public service-oriented in the state and outside the state.

Hilliary Clinton arraignment

Department of Corrections of various states must make Hillary Clinton understand that she cannot remain in any community. Hillary Clinton cannot circulate any publication or advertisements in the communities.
Hillary Clinton must be reminded by department of corrections of various states that she is not eligible for probation.

Further, it is duty of Department of Correction with last known address of Hillary Clinton, date of birth October 26, 1947, is a class 1 felon female for punishments in jail. Death penalty of Hillary Clinton date of birth October 26, 1947.

Forcible closure of all advertising resources around the world that try to circulate advertisements of these class 1 criminals.

What type of media should be enhanced in the state and outside the state?

Enhance every state department of information and broadcasting departments.

For example New York state department of information and broadcasting.
Enhance California department of information and broadcasting.

Media law abilities in the state must be verified from every media resource in the state and outside the state.

What are examples of essential departments outside Kashmir, Asia, similar to essential departments in Kashmir, Asia?
Kashmir department of Education in Asia = California Department of Education in North America.
Kashmir department of Health in Asia = California Department of Health in North America.
Kashmir department of food and supplies in Asia = California Department of food and supplies in North America.
There are 44 similar department in Kashmir, Asia.

What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

North American States

  1. Alabama (AL)

  2. Alaska (AK)

  3. Arizona (AZ)

  4. Arkansas (AR)

  5. Alberta (AB)

  6. British Columbia (BC)

  7. California (CA)

  8. Colorado (CO)

  9. Connecticut (CT)

  10. Delaware (DE)

  11. Florida (FL)

  12. Georgia (GA)

  13. Hawaii (HI)

  14. Idaho (ID)

  15. Illinois (IL)

  16. Indiana (IN)

  17. Iowa (IA)

  18. Kansas (KS)

  19. Kentucky (KY)

  20. Louisiana (LA)

  21. Maine (ME)

  22. Maryland (MD)

  23. Massachusetts (MA)

  24. Michigan (MI)

  25. Minnesota (MN)

  26. Mississippi (MS)

  27. Missouri (MO)

  28. Montana (MT)

  29. Manitoba (MB)

  30. Mexico (MX)

  31. Nebraska (NE)

  32. Nevada (NV)

  33. New Hampshire (NH)

  34. New Jersey (NJ)

  35. New Mexico (NM)

  36. New York (NY)

  37. North Carolina (NC)

  38. North Dakota (ND)

  39. New Brunswick (NB)

  40. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

  41. Northwest Territories (NT)

  42. Nova Scotia (NS)

  43. Nunavut (NU)

  44. Ohio (OH)

  45. Oklahoma (OK)

  46. Oregon (OR)

  47. Ontario (ON)

  48. Pennsylvania (PA)

  49. Prince Edward Island (PE)

  50. Quebec (QC)

  51. Rhode Island (RI)

  52. South Carolina (SC)

  53. South Dakota (SD)

  54. Saskatchewan (SK)

  55. Tennessee (TN)

  56. Texas (TX)

  57. Utah (UT)

  58. Vermont (VT)

  59. Virginia (VA)

  60. Washington (WA)

  61. West Virginia (WV)

  62. Wisconsin (WI)

  63. Wyoming (WY)

  64. Yukon (YT)
    Asian States

  65. Albania

  66. Andorra

  67. Armenia

  68. Austria

  69. Azerbaijan

  70. Arkhangelsk Oblast

  71. Anhui Province

  72. Afghanistan

  73. Assam

  74. Arunachal Pradesh

  75. Andhra Pradesh

  76. Andaman and Nicober Islands

  77. Balochistan

  78. Bahrain

  79. Bangladesh

  80. Bhutan

  81. Brunei

  82. Belarus

  83. Belgium

  84. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  85. Bulgaria

  86. Bihar

  87. Chechnya

  88. Croatia

  89. Cyprus

  90. Czech Republic

  91. Cambodia

  92. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

  93. Chhattisgarh

  94. Daman and Diu

  95. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  96. Denmark

  97. England

  98. Estonia

  99. East Timor

  100. Finland

  101. Fujian Province

  102. France

  103. Gujarat

  104. Goa

  105. Georgia

  106. Germany

  107. Gibraltar

  108. Greece

  109. Gansu Province

  110. Guangdong Province

  111. Guangxi Province

  112. Guizhou

  113. Heilongjiang

  114. Hong Kong

  115. Hubei

  116. Hainan Province

  117. Henan Province

  118. Hunan Province

  119. Himachal Pradesh

  120. Hungary

  121. Inner Mongolia

  122. Indonesia

  123. Iran

  124. Iraq

  125. Iceland

  126. Ireland

  127. Italy

  128. Japan

  129. Jeddah

  130. Jiangxi Province

  131. Jordan

  132. Jiangsu

  133. Jiangxi

  134. Jilin

  135. Jharkhand

  136. Kashmir

  137. Karnataka

  138. Kerala

  139. Kazakhstan

  140. Korea - North

  141. Korea - South

  142. Kyrgyzstan

  143. Kuwait

  144. Kaliningrad Oblast

  145. Lakshadweep

  146. Latvia

  147. Liechtenstein

  148. Lithuania

  149. Luxembourg

  150. Laos

  151. Lebanon

  152. Liaoning Province

  153. Liaoning

  154. Manipur

  155. Mizoram

  156. Maharashtra

  157. Madhya Pradesh

  158. Meghalaya

  159. Malaysia

  160. Maldives

  161. Magadan Oblast

  162. Mongolia

  163. Myanmar

  164. Macedonia

  165. Malta

  166. Medina

  167. Mecca

  168. Moldova

  169. Monaco

  170. Montenegro

  171. NCT of Delhi

  172. Nagaland

  173. Netherlands

  174. Northern Ireland

  175. Norway

  176. Ningxia

  177. Nepal

  178. Oman

  179. Orissa

  180. Puducherry

  181. Punjab

  182. Peshawar

  183. Philippines

  184. Poland

  185. Portugal

  186. Palestine

  187. Qinghai Province

  188. Qinghai

  189. Qatar

  190. Rajasthan

  191. Romania

  192. Sikkim

  193. Syria

  194. Sindh

  195. Singapore

  196. Sri Lanka

  197. Scotland

  198. Serbia

  199. Slovakia

  200. Slovenia

  201. Spain

  202. Sweden

  203. Switzerland

  204. Shaanxi Province

  205. Shandong

  206. Shanxi

  207. Sichuan

  208. Taiwan

  209. Tajikistan

  210. Thailand

  211. Tibet

  212. Tripura

  213. Tamil Nadu

  214. Turkey

  215. Turkmenistan

  216. Ukraine

  217. Uzbekistan

  218. Uttarakhand

  219. United Arab Emirates

  220. Uttar Pradesh

  221. Vietnam

  222. Vatican City

  223. Wales

  224. West Bengal

  225. Xinjiang

  226. Yunnan

  227. Yemen

  228. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

  229. Zhejiang

  230. Algeria

  231. Angola

  232. Burundi

  233. Benin

  234. Burkina Faso

  235. Botswana

  236. Cape Verde

  237. Côte d'Ivoire

  238. Comoros

  239. Cameroon

  240. Central African Republic

  241. Chad

  242. Canary Islands

  243. Ceuta

  244. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  245. Djibouti

  246. Egypt

  247. Eritrea

  248. Ethiopia

  249. Equatorial Guinea

  250. Gabon

  251. Gambia

  252. Ghana

  253. Guinea

  254. Guinea-Bissau

  255. Kenya

  256. Liberia

  257. Libya

  258. Lesotho

  259. Madagascar

  260. Malawi

  261. Mauritius

  262. Mayotte

  263. Mozambique

  264. Mali

  265. Mauritania

  266. Madeira

  267. Melilla

  268. Morocco

  269. Niger

  270. Nigeria

  271. Namibia

  272. Réunion

  273. Rwanda

  274. Republic of the Congo

  275. São Tomé and Príncipe

  276. Saint Helena

  277. Senegal

  278. Sierra Leone

  279. Seychelles

  280. Somalia

  281. South Africa

  282. Swaziland

  283. South Sudan

  284. Sudan

  285. Tanzania

  286. Togo

  287. Tunisia

  288. Uganda

  289. Western Sahara

  290. Zambia

  291. Zimbabwe

  292. Northern Territory

  293. South Australia

  294. Queensland

  295. New South Wales

  296. Victoria (Australia)

  297. Western Australian

  298. Tasmania

  299. New Zealand

  300. Acre (Asif Province)

  301. Alagoas

  302. Amapá

  303. Amazonas

  304. Bahia

  305. Buenos Aires Province

  306. Ceará

  307. Chubut Province

  308. Córdoba Province

  309. Goiás

  310. Bolivia

  311. Chile

  312. Colombia

  313. Ecuador

  314. Falkland Islands

  315. French Guiana

  316. Guyana

  317. Paraguay

  318. Peru

  319. Río Negro

  320. Santa Cruz

  321. Santa Fe Province

  322. Salta Province

  323. South Georgia

  324. Suriname

  325. Uruguay

  326. Venezuela
What did you understand after reading these facts?
Last Updated: March 23, 2018