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What are the duties of a governor?
A governor has to guide others.
In what state would you like to serve?
What is the area of service of a state governor?

Here are further guidelines.

Judging the Judges
What is merit selection and retention of judges?
What are commissions on judicial performance?
How are judges evaluated?

Matters related to disbarring Justice Nisar Ahmad Kakru to take up judicial matters, and prosecution of Nisar Ahmad Kakru.

Justice Nisar Ahmad Kakru has been appointed as Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

Should you welcome him?

Is he competent?

How did he reach to this position?
He acted dishonestly on the instructions of Raw and the Indian National Conference.

Is there a need to prosecute him?

Why is there need to prosecute hum?
While advocate general of Kashmir (J&K) from 1996 onwards, and later as a judge, he conspired with the Indian National conference and Raw to hush up rape cases and other crimes. He repeatedly acted dishonestly under the instructions of vested interests.
Eight of 16 CJIs were 'corrupt', says ex-law minister
(more coming soon)