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Q. What is the difference between an area of service and jurisdiction in legal terms?
    A. An area of service is applicable to electricity, water supply, janitorial service, plumbing, and other similar services.
    Justice has no limits to jurisdiction.
    Justice has worldwide jurisdiction.
Q. What are the situations in which privacy is applicable?
Q. What are the situations in which privacy isn't applicable?
Q. Can the administration get involved in crimes and hide it under the pretext of privacy?
    A. No.
Q. Can anyone fulfill his needs, interests, values, and rights while violating rights of others?
    A. No.
Q. What are the scenarios where right to choose isn't applicable?
Q. Do you have the right to choose to apply a wrong concept of law to specific claims?
    A. No.
Q. Do you have the right to choose to harm others?
    A. No.
Q. Do you have the right to choose to violate rights of others?
    A. No.
Q. Is it justified or possible to have any kind of "law of the land" that permits any specific person or group to be involved in criminal offenses or harms?
    A. No.
Q. Is there any Code of Federal regulation based on scientific or natural law that cannot be reversed?
    A. No, there is not.
Q. What are examples of the flawed Code of Federal regulation in regards to good character, good behavior, rights, state planning and development, state economy, and state budget?

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