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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Patient Consultation

What recommendations should you expect?

Recommendations may include, but are not limited to:
Nutritional assessment
Counseling/Functional Behavioral Assessment
Physical Activity Guidelines
Revision of diagnosis
Crutches & Accessories
Electric & Power Wheelchairs
Manual Wheelchairs
    19 inch Wide Seat
    Bariatric Wheel Chairs
    Extra Wide Wheelchairs - 22in Seats
    Lightweight Wheelchairs - 16in Seats
    Pediatric Wheelchairs
    Recliner Wheelchairs
    Travel & Transport Wheelchairs
    Wheelchair Accessories
    Wheelchairs - 18in Seats
    Wheelchairs - 20in Seats
Medical Walkers & Accessories
    Bariatric & Heavy Duty Walkers
    Dual Release Walkers
    Hemi Walkers
    Lightweight Walkers
    Pediatric & Junior Walkers
    PVC Walkers
    Single Release Walkers
    Walker Accessories
Mobility Scooters
Rollators & Wheeled Walkers
Walking Canes
Wheelchair Accessories
Wheelchair Cushions
    Air Cushions
    Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions
    Gel Cushions
    Pressure Reducing Cushions
    Wheelchair Pads
Wheelchair Ramps
    Bariatric Equipment
    Bariatric Scooters
    Bariatric Walkers
    Bariatric Wheelchairs
    Bariatric Wheelchairs
    Canes, Crutches & Walkers
    Electric Wheelchairs
    Lift Chairs & Information
    Lightweight Wheelchairs
    Manual Wheelchairs
    Medical Mobility Ramps
    Medical Walkers
    Mobility Scooters
    Motorized Wheelchairs
    Pediatric Wheelchairs
    Portable Wheelchair Ramps
    Portable Wheelchairs
    Power Wheelchairs
    Wheelchair Accessories
    Ab Exercise Equipment
    Dumbbells and Accessories
    Electrotherapy & Accessories
      Electrical Stimulation Units
      Electrotherapy Accessories
      Peripheral Nerve Stimulators
      Tens Units
    Exercise Videos
    Foot Baths
    Hot & Cold Therapy
      Cloth Covers & Wraps
      Cold & Ice Packs
      Fire Cupping
      Heating Pads & Packs
      Hot & Cold Therapy Equipment
      Hot and Cold Packs
      Nylatex Wrap
    Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tubs
      Extremity Whirlpools Bath Tubs
      Full Body Hydrotherapy Immersion Tanks
      Whirlpool Tubs
      Hydrolift Hydrotherapy Whirlpools
      Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Bath Tubs
      Podiatry Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Bathtubs
      Slant Back Whirlpool Bath Tubs
      Sports Whirlpool Bath Tubs
      Whirlpool Accessories Traction
    Iontophoresis Devices & Electrodes Traction
    Magnet Therapy Traction
    Massagers & Accessories
      Applicators Traction
      Massage Accessories Traction
      Massage Oils, Lotions & Gels Traction
    Traction Tables
      Recovery Couches & Chairs
      Taping Tables & Stations
      Traction Tables
    Paraffin Therapy
    Parallel Bars
    Professional Massage
      Electric Massage Tables
      Massage Chairs
      Massage Table Accessories
      Portable Massage Tables
      Stationary Massage Tables (10)
    Rehab Work Tables
    Rehabilitation & Exercise Equipment
      Balance Boards
      Cardio Equipment
      Exercise Pulley & Stretching Equipment
      Fingers & Hand Exercisers
      Fitness & Exercise Balls
      Floor Mats & Platforms
      Foam Rollers
      General Exercise Products
      Resistance Bands
      Resistance Tubing
      Resistance Weight Lifting Equipment
      Resistant Cords
      Shape Belts
      Wrist & Ankle Weights
    Stair Climbers
    Standing Frames & Tables
    Traction Therapy
      Cervical & Neck Traction Units
      Pneumatic Compression Device
      Posture Pump Spine Trainer
    Training Stairs
    Weight Racks

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    Would you like to Teach Dr. Qureshi's Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation?

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