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Weapons legislation
Is there a difference between weapons and guns?
Yes, there is.

What are the differences between weapons and guns?
Weapons are a large entity.
Within this large entity are guns.

What questions should be asked in case of harm from weapons?
What weapon or weapons were used?
What harms/damages have occurred?

Why is there a need to elaborate on weapons?

Most of the heads of the state do not know anything about weapons laws.
Head of the state means Governor of state and associates.

On January 15, 2013, New York state enacted certain gun laws.

Salient features include banning any magazine of a gun that can hold more than seven rounds.
Question that needs to be answered.
Do you think a gun holding a magazine of less than seven rounds is safe?
What should you know about weapons manufacturing laws?

Have background checks helped in decreasing weapons harms?

No, they have not.

Have those who have documented clear background check harmed with weapons?

Why does the person need a gun?

First weapons need to be elaborated, then specific gun laws need to be elaborated.

What is a weapon?
How has weapon development evolved?
What are the types of weapons?
How are weapons classified?
What are the most common materials required for weapons?
What should you know about weapons legislation?

Here are further guidelines.