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World economy

What is agriculture?
Are there different types of agriculture?
What are the effects of conventional agriculture?
What are the effects of sustainable agriculture?
Which type of agriculture practice do you think is better for the environment and ultimately ourselves?
What is conventional agriculture and is it aligned with how the natural food-web works?
Can you name a crop that is conventionally grown and harvested?
What is sustainable agriculture and how is it aligned with he natural food-web?
Can you provide an example of sustainable agriculture? Name one effect of conventional agriculture and how this may be harmful to the environment.
Name one effect of sustainable agriculture and how this benefits the environment.
Which agricultural practice is better for the environment and ultimately ourselves?

What is agriculture?
Agriculture is everywhere. Agriculture is a long word so it is frequently shortened to ag. Agriculture can be difficult to define so to make things easier just remember that agriculture is everywhere! We use ag products while we sleep (cotton sheets), when we get dressed (clothes), when we take a bath (soap), when we eat (food), when we use paper (tree crops), and yes, even when we stop to smell the roses (floriculture). One of the best ways to remember what agriculture means is to remember the 5 Fs. Agriculture is farming, food, fabric, forestry, and yes, flowers.

Agriculture is the science, art and occupation of cultivating the soil, producing crops and raising livestock. Agriculture is the very basis of civilization. It is the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the material of our homes, the gardens around us, and many of our traditions and values.

In addition to food and fiber, some of the products we use everyday come from plant and animal by-products produced by farmers and ranchers for example:

Health Care: Pharmaceuticals, ointments, surgical sutures, latex gloves, x-ray film.

Manufacturing: Adhesives, lubricants, solvents, detergents, polymers

Education: Crayons, textbooks, chalk, desks, pencils, paper

Personal Care: Shampoo, lotions, cosmetics, toothpaste, fingernail polish

Construction: Lumber, paints, tar paper, brushes, dry wall, particle board, tool handles
Here are further guidelines.

Who has the duty to manufacture various products in the state?
The state department of engineering.

Who has the duty to distribute various manufactured products in the state?
The state department of human services.
In various regions, this department is known by food and supplies, consumer affairs public distribution system, or some other name.

What materials must every state department of engineering manufacture within the state?
Aluminum (metal)
Composite material (cement, concrete, ceramic composites)
Fuels and fuel additives
Gases (hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, methane [Fuel], ethane, propane)
Food products (sugar, salt, rice, wheat, etc.)
Iron (steel/metal)
Metal composites, reinforced plastics (such as fiber-reinforced polymer)
Nuclear material (uranium, plutonium, thorium, special nuclear material).
Organic materials
Pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical materials
Soaps and detergents. Triclosan liquid soap (Equaline).
Timber (wood)
Water (drinkable water)

Who has the duty to manufacture or produce these materials in the state?
The state department of engineering.

How many of these materials are manufactured within the state?

How should you calculate the number of various manufactured products required in the state?
It depends on the total number of individuals in the state and the quantity/number of each product required in the state per year.
Here are further guidelines.

What should you know about services?
Most services are provided by various departments in the state.
Here are further guidelines.