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Death Investigation
Who was the person that died? (identification)
What was the profile of the person that died?
When did the person die? (date and time)
Where did the person die?
Did any other person die at the same location on the same date and time?
If yes, what is that person's profile?
Did any other person get harmed at the same location on the same date and time?

Category of death

Cause and Manner of Death

What was the cause of death?
What was the manner of death?
Proxy murder
Voluntary manslaughter (homicide)
Involuntary manslaughter (homicide)
Criminal conspiracy
Negligent homicide
Natural causes
Death Unexplained
Any other cause
What was the person's age at the time of death?
How did the person die? (medical cause of death)
Was death due to preventable causes?
If the death was due to murder or similar cause, who all are involved?

When was the funeral and burial or cremation?

Do not list suicide.
All apparent suicides are criminal homicide.

What should people know about trauma?
Trauma is a large entity.
Skills and knowledge relevant to trauma depend on whether you are a medical doctor, nurse, paramedic, police officer, military officer, or others.

What should a medical doctor, nurse, paramedic, or counselor know about trauma?
What should a police officer or military officer know about trauma?

The first few minutes are important; from the onset of trauma to five minutes later is decisive for recovery from trauma.

We will take the example of Aswell Selmom, who was murdered in a shooting at the age of 46.

Police were first updated about the trauma.
Military officers usually supervise these incidents.
Even if emergency medical services were called, services of a large hospital were sought, but he died.

What is an incomplete or unprofessional presentation of the cause of death?
These are examples of a few cases.
In one case, a report from the coroner mentioned cardiac arrhythmia as the cause of death.
In another case, the cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest.
All deaths have the terminal event of cardiopulmonary arrest, cardiac arrhythmia, or brain death.

What was the cause of death of Aswell Selmon, who was declared dead at the age of 46?
What is the appropriate presentation of the cause of death in this case?
How should a coroner present the cause of death?
Criminal conspiracy.
Criminal Violence.
Delayed Diagnosis.
Wrong Diagnosis.
Wrong Treatment.
Trauma due to shooting.
Gunshot wounds at three sites of the body (leg, buttocks, and chest).
Witnesses report that patient was alive 30 minutes after the shooting.

In all murders or similar crimes, the cause of death must be made public for public scrutiny, punishing criminals involved, putting preventive measures in place, and enhancing public health.
Burial, Cremation and Funerals
Coroners Act
Case scenario
    November 30, 2012, case scenario of Aswell Selmon.
    December 11 2012
    On July 3, 2011, Ken Devoney
    How do you do a death audit?
    August 11, 2008.
Death Records
List of preventable causes of death

What is murder?
What are the degrees of murder?
What is involuntary manslaughter?
What is voluntary manslaughter?
What is homocide?
Murder Investigation

Who is apparently involved?
Who is involved behind the scenes?

These are old tricks in various regions of the world.
Get a criminal released from jail with a signal to murder.
A monopoly gets opposed, like the housing mafia, and other mafia get a criminal released to enhance their agenda of monopoly and murder.

Identification of dead person.

How was the dead person identified?
By identify card.
By identification by an individual or individuals.

Who identified the person at the time of death?
How was the person related to the dead person?
How did the person know the dead person?
Where exactly was the dead person identified?

If anyone is intimidating, pressuring, or harming you not to speak the truth, file a complaint.
The complaint can be via e-mail, fax, postal mail, word of mouth, etc.

You need to mobilize all your relatives, friends, and acquaintances to follow up this murder.

I have investigated this case on humanitarian grounds.
I feel you need to follow up.
Do you agree this was a murder?
What do you think should be your role in resolving this issue?
What should investigators be aware of?
Inflicting harms, then coming as saviors, have become a common action of criminals masquerading as presidents.

Here are various examples: A 2004 blast in Istanbul; incidentally George Bush was there.
A blast in Latin America; incidentally George Bush was there.

March 20, 2000, and April 3, 2000, Massacres in Kashmir that left up to 49 Kashmiri civilians dead; incidentally Bill Clinton had visited the region.

December 15, 2012, massacre in Connecticut; incidentally Barack Obama mourns, claiming to be president. They harm and then promote themselves as saviors.

They inflict harms and then declare they are saviors.
To be charged with crimes is inevitable.
Death penalty is justifiable.

How should charges go ahead?
Here is an example.

A former prime minister of Thailand has been charged with murder. Abhisit Vejjajiva’s murder charges stem from the use of live ammunition that led to 90 civilian deaths and about 1,800 people being injured.