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Elements of effective case management.
What are the parameters that determine the elements of effective case management with regard to a human being?
Address from birth until now
Awareness of relevant issues
Age of all involved
Complaint or issue type
Duties, if any
Duration of harm
Emergency issues, if any
Educational level
Incident evaluation
Law applicable to specific scenarios
Location of individual at this point
Languages abilities
Normal day
Products or services abilities
State and outside state travel

These parameters determine elements of case management

What should I know about you?

Awareness of relevant issues.

What are controversial issues or harms that have occurred?
Is it controversy or harms?
What do you know about controversial issues?
What do you know about harms that have occurred?
What questions need to be answered?

Age of all involved.

What is the age of those involved?
Who are the victims?
Does the victim know about harms?
Does he/she know about relevant issues?
What issues am I having?
In how many issues you are required to bring remedies?

Duration of harm

What best describes the harms?
Single incident.
Multiple incidents.
Prolonged harms for many years.

How old are you?
What is your gender?
What are your assets?
What are your abilities and skills?
Do you understand, speak, read, and write the English language?
What languages can you understand, speak, read, and write?
Do you have any duties?
Who assigned you these duties?
What was your mailing address from birth until now?
Where do you live now?
How long have you lived at this address?
What is your contact information including current mailing address, telephone, e-mail, and any other details, and person to contact in case of emergency?
What profession do you identify with?
How would you rank you education level?
Is you educational level at primary school, middle school, high school, associateís degree, bachelorís, masterís, or doctoral degree?
What subjects have you studied?
What profession have you studied?
What are your abilities?
What services can you provide?
Have you designed or developed any products and services?
What are the issues?
Were you ever detained or jailed?
How many times and how long were you detained or jailed, and what were the reasons?
Do you think your detention and/or being put in jail was justified?
What concept of law is applicable to this scenario?
When was the last time you were hospitalized?
What were the reasons for hospitalization?
How long did the hospitalization last?
Do you think the hospitalization was justified?
Where have you travelled up to now in North America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, or Islands even for one day?
Did your parents/guardians and school raise you with liberal values, religious values, or some other values?
How were you raised?
What details should I know about you now that might later create problems for me, you, and others?
What are your goals or plans?
What best describes your English language abilities?
What does this case need?
What do these issues need?

Incident evaluation

Have you answered all relevant questions listed above?

Consciousness or level of consciousness during incident.

What was the level of consciousness of the individual during the incident?

Crisis or malicious manipulation, if any.

Was any malicious manipulation involved?

Drugged to unconsciousness and assaulted or abused.
Assaulted to unconsciousness and abused.

What are the findings in this scenario?
The victim does not know about harms during unconsciousness.

Usually, survival needs are not enough.
Solutions, remedies, and relief must go ahead.
Punishments of those involved in harms must go ahead.


Adjudication plan.

What are recommendations relevant to this individual?
Increase survival needs.
Decrease survival needs.
Increase remuneration.
Decrease remuneration.
Put this individual under supervision.
Public reprimand.
Other disciplinary action.

Rehabilitation plan.

Punishments of those involved in harms.

What can be various punishments?
Confiscate assets of those involved in harms.
Death penalty.
Disciplinary action against those involved in harms.
Imprisonment under pretext of public safety.
Public reprimand.
Being banned from public issues instructions.
Termination of services of specific individual.
Is there a difference between controversy and harms?

What is the difference between controversy and harms?
Controversy is also a dispute.
With harms, various criminal offenses have occurred.
What is a medicolegal case?
What is medical malpractice?
How is vicarious liability defined?
Are there any witnesses?
This question is important.
What did you hear and see?
Who are the witnesses?
Who are apparently involved?
Who is behind them?
Where are further guidelines?
Take a look at this.
Everything is displayed at this location.

Here are further guidelines.