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Primary care physician training program
Doctor Asif Qureshi can make you a primary care physician within 2 years.
See the curriculum and schedule at www.qureshiuniveristy.com/primarycarephysiciantrainingprogram.html

Are you really interested in becoming a primary care physician?

Do you know others who would like to be a primary care physician?

What specific locations need primary care physicians?

For example, on December 6, 2019, there was need for primary care physicians in zip code 60640.

What is the population of zip code 60640 (in 2019)?

How much are other resources with substandard curriculum asking for tuition?
Tuition at every medical school in the United States (updated in 2020)

How many primary care physicians do they require?
263 primary care physicians.
250 patients for every 1 primary care physician for 1 year.

How many primary care physicians were in zip code 60640 in the year 2019?
Only 2
One is from Michigan. Her name is Kimberley.
Another is from California. She is originally from South Korea. Her name is Sue Lee.
Others are counselors, not primary care physicians.

What is the schedule that medical students must follow to become primary care physicians?

Month 1

Profile of students.: What is your profile? Where is your profile?
Orientation of curriculum: What will you learn?

Month 2

Assessment of a patient: How do you assess a new patient for a nonemergency medical issue?
What should a primary care physician ask about the problem or issue?

Month 3

Annual health assessment: How do you conduct a patient’s annual health assessment?

Month 4

Coma scale: How do you know a person is not in coma?

Month 5

What should specific physicians know about a diagnosis?

Month 6

Counseling services: What should you know?

Month 7

Nonemergency medical issues: How many are there?
Medical emergency issues; How many are there?
Nonemergency diagnoses: What is on the list?
Emergency medical conditions: What is on the list?

Month 8

How do you refer a patient?

Month 9

Per consultation: Where do you start? Where do you end?

Month 10

Verification of competence of licensing resource for specific physicians.
Licensing reforms for primary care physicians.

Month 11

Old and new systems of training: What is the difference?

Month 12

Code of Conduct: What should you know?

Month 13

Documents for referral patients: What should be included in the referral?

Month 14

Healthcare laws: How many are there?
What are various examples?

Month 15

Needs assessment: How do you conduct an individual’s needs assessment?

Month 16

State department of health administrative services: What should you know?

Month 17

State department of public health director: What are the duties and responsibilities of this person?

Month 18

Types of physicians: What are the types of physicians?

Month 19

Use of the Internet in the physician–patient relationship.

Month 20

Value and benefits of these services to others.

Month 21

Mathematics and healthcare: What should you know about mathematics and healthcare?

Month 22

Medical biochemistry: What should you know?

Month 23

Advice for remaining healthy: What should you know?

Month 24

Review all guidelines that you must maintain.
Have you understood, remembered, and maintained all these guidelines for future reference?
If yes, congratulations, you are a primary care physician.
Where must government grants be forwarded to enhance these programs?
Doctor Asif Qureshi
5042 N. Winthrop Ave. #237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

Accreditation Issues
Who received these facts?
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
Telephone: 312.755.5000
Fax: 312.755.7498

When did they receive these facts?
November 11, 2020

The last communication was on November 11, 2020.
Last Updated: November 11, 2020