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Product Engineer
Product Engineer I
What are examples of various manufactured products?
Here are further facts.

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Annotation or definition
What is a Product Engineer?
Responsible for designing and developing a product/product family. Ensures production procedures efficiently utilize materials and personnel. Tests finished product for quality purposes and recommends changes to product specifications as necessary.

A Product Engineer is a Mechanical Engineer who specializes in designing products and their corresponding manufacturing processes. They are also responsible for transitioning the product from design to manufacturing at scale.

Product Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Designing products and the processes to manufacture them at scale involves several duties and responsibilities. We read through several Product Engineer job descriptions to compile this list of the most common Product Engineer tasks.

Manage the Design of Products and Processes

Designing products and their processes for manufacturing is where a Product Engineer spends a good portion of time. This involves using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to build digital models of product concepts.

Create and Test Product Prototypes

Once a digital model of a product is created, the Product Engineer then creates and tests product prototypes. This requires complex problem solving skills, as the initial build of a prototype is rarely a smooth process.

Select Materials for Product Manufacturing

The Product Engineer is in charge of sourcing the materials necessary to build a prototype, and then scale that prototype in a cost-effective manner. This process involves working closely with Logisticians and Shipping Managers.

Collaborate with Product Development Teams

Speaking of collaboration, a Product Engineer has to collaborate with the Product Development team to turn concepts into reality. Good communication skills are required here, as debates between departments can get heated.

Ensure Manufacturing is up to Specifications and Safety Standards

Safety is one of the Product Engineer’s primary concerns. They must ensure product design meets any and all safety regulations, and that goes for the manufacturing process as well.

Product Engineer Skills

It is easy to assume that the role of Product Engineer is all about technical skills. While having a high degree of technical skill is important, being a Product Engineer also requires several soft skills. Product Engineers are almost always part of a team, so they may be able to thrive in a collaborative environment. Product Engineers also must be proficient multi-taskers to ensure all aspects of engineering a product are addressed. We analyzed several job descriptions to compile the following list of core skills required by most employers, as well as some advanced skills that will impress employers.

Core Skills: The following are core skills you should work on acquiring if you want to be a Product Engineer.

Proficiency in CAD software
Proficiency in CAM software
Proficiency in mathematics
Critical thinking skills
Ability to multitask
Ability to work in a team
Decision making skills
Analytical skills

Advanced Skills: Here are a few advanced skills listed as preferred by several employers.
Expertise in CAD and CAM software
Ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical team members
Ability and desire to assume a leadership role
Tools of the ______: Product Engineers use several tools while performing their duties and responsibilities. Here is a list of tools you should familiarize yourself with if you want a job as a Product Engineer
Coordinate measuring machines
Analytical software, such as Blue Ridge Numerics CFDesign
Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, such as Bentley MicroStation
Computer Aided Manufacturing software, such as
CadCam Unigraphics
Graphic illustrator software, such as Adobe Illustrator

Product Engineer Salary

Remuneration can include:
Compensation Executive compensation
Deferred compensation
Compensation methods
Employee stock option
Employee benefits
Salary Performance-linked incentives

Remuneration can include:
    Executive compensation
    Deferred compensation
Compensation methods
Employee stock option
Employee benefits
    Performance-linked incentives

The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes Product Engineers under the umbrella profession of Mechanical Engineers.

Product Engineer Resources

Do you think a career as a Product Engineer is right for you?

Most Popular Cities for Product Engineer I
San Jose, CA Product Engineer I Salaries
Detroit, MI Product Engineer I Salaries
Chicago, IL Product Engineer I Salaries
Minneapolis, MN Product Engineer I Salaries
Philadelphia, PA Product Engineer I Salaries
Ann Arbor, MI Product Engineer I Salaries
Cincinnati, OH Product Engineer I Salaries
Los Angeles, CA Product Engineer I Salaries
Portland, OR Product Engineer I Salaries
Houston, TX Product Engineer I Salaries

Similar Jobs: Product Engineer II, Product Engineer III, Packaging Engineer I, Sales Engineer I, Manufacturing Engineer I, Mechanical Engineer I, Field Service Engineer I, Product Specialist, Product Engineer IV

Departments: Aerospace & Defense, Biotechnology, Business Services, Chemicals, Construction, Edu., Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media, MFG Durable, MFG Nondurable, Pharmaceuticals, Software & Networking, Telecom, Transportation.

Knowledge and skills

The job requires the product engineer to have a very good working knowledge of:
Statistical methods and tools
Manufacturing process
Software, hardware and systems implementation
Product reliability and qualification
Physical analysis methods
Computer-aided design and simulation programs
Specific technology
Strong product Knowledge
Strong analytic work methodology and problem solving skills
Continuous Improvement Knowledge


A product engineer will use a wide range of tools and software, possibly including: 20/20, AutoCad, CATIA, PTC Creo, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Labview, JMP, DataConductor.
Last Updated: March 23, 2018