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Election Frauds
What are the types of election fraud?
Election was rigged.
Ballot stuffing.
Voting machine tampering.
Candidate or candidates declared winner/winners behind the scenes while election fraud has occurred.

How do you detect election fraud?
If the candidate does not have answers to relevant questions of good character, good behavior, human rights, state economy, state budget, questions relevant to state laws, and does not observe answers to relevant questions, then election fraud has likely occurred.
All are alerted to implement five types of state laws.

What are alternatives to resignation?
Forcible resignation.
Death penalty.

What are examples of forcible resignation?
Nixon was forced to resign on April 22, 1974.
Airport manager Bob Burns’ forcible resignation April 25, 2014.
Demand for forcible resignation of Barack Obama increases; death penalty likely.

Why does a state constitution need to have allegiance to the World Constitution?
International law is an essential component of law.
Human rights are essential components of law.
Human rights are contained in state constitutions and the world constitution as well.
States need to have orientation of International law.
Sooner or later issues will come up.

What are election frauds?
Why do election frauds occur?
What are the punishments for election fraud?
Are elections always necessary?
What are the alternatives to election in case repeated election frauds occur?
How many states in the world do not have state or non-state level elections, but criminal law, civil law, international law, and administrative laws prevail?
What states are notorious (known) for election frauds?
What are the examples of historical election frauds around the world?
Here are further guidelines.