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Harmful doctors.
Does doing a medical residency by a medical doctor in any American hospital guarantee that he/she is able to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment?
No, it does not.

What are the various findings about medical doctors on duty, their staff, healthcare facilities, and resources that are elaborated here from 2000-2013?


Unable to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment while on duty, causing harm.
Unable to reply to relevant questions while on duty, causing harm.
Unwilling to get educated, thereby harming others.
Wrong referral while on duty, causing harm.
Unable to understand and/or resolve the complaints, causing further harm.
Not knowing their duties while on healthcare duty, causing harm.
Unable to do properly yearly health assessments.
Intentional harm.


Medical malpractice


Criminal activities and surgery

What criminal activities have been reported with anesthesia or surgery?
Anesthesia or surgery with intent to murder.
Anesthesia or surgery with intent to disable.
Anesthesia or surgery with intent to disfigure.
Anesthesia or surgery with intent to inflate reported surgeries.
Anesthesia with intent to assault.
Anesthesia with intent to abduct.
Other harms.

What have been findings of harms from doctors assigned duties at various locations?
Unable to reach correct diagnosis and treatment in various healthcare settings.
Criminal doctors getting involved in maliciously impregnating a female, and making deliver with criminal nexus from doctors and others.

Here are further guidelines.

Health Alerts