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Secretary of State Driver Services
What should the governor of a state, secretary of state, and staff know about driver services in the state?
  1. Questions that need to be answered before driving.

  2. New drivers

  3. Secretary of State facility finder by zip code

  4. Reminder to open secretary of state facility in specific zip code, such as 60640

  5. State Traffic Laws

  6. Driver’s education

  7. Driver’s license/state ID card

  8. Vehicle identification guide

  9. State-specific resources for driver services

  10. Military vehicle operator in the state, with specifications elaborated

  11. Legislative issues relevant to driving in the state

  12. Rules of the Road

  13. State department of transportation.

What should be preferred in the state or outside the state? Public transportation.

Questions that need to be answered before driving.
Not everyone in a state needs a driver’s license.

In what state do you plan to drive?

What do you plan to drive?

Who provided this requirement from the government in the state?

What are the specifications of the road motor vehicle you plan to drive?

What is the year of manufacture, make, and model of the road motor vehicle?

Who is providing this vehicle from the government department in the state?

Are you authorized to work in this state?

How do you prove you are authorized to work in this state?

What area, route, and state do you plan to drive?

Who provided this requirement from the government in the state?

What would you like to be?
  1. Ambulance driver

  2. Administrative car driver

  3. Company car driver

  4. Construction vehicle driver

  5. Employment specialist and driver’s license. Why is a driver’s license required for an employment specialist?

  6. Forklift driver or similar vehicle

  7. Local food delivery driver

  8. Heavy truck driver

  9. Truck driver

  10. Car driver

  11. Mini bus driver

  12. Passenger car driver

  13. Passenger bus driver

  14. Police vehicle driver

  15. Public health van driver. On December 19, 2019, one was at 1110 Winnona, Chicago, Illinois 60640.

  16. Parcel service driver

  17. Postal driver/mail carrier

  18. Railway train driver

  19. Road vehicle driver, specified

  20. School bus driver

  21. Snow clearance vehicle driver

  22. Tractor farm driver

  23. Taxi driver

  24. Three-wheeler driver

  25. Two-wheeler driver

  26. Tow truck driver

Rules of the Road
Rules of the Road Review Course Workbook
Types of Traffic Offenses
  1. Civil Traffic Infractions

  2. Traffic Crimes

Civil Infraction Tickets
Examples of Moving Violations are careless driving; fail to yield at a stop sign, etc.
Examples of Non-Moving Violations are no seat belt, improper parking, etc.

Criminal Traffic Ticket/Citation

Reckless driving
Driving with a suspended license
Driving without a valid license
Hit and run
Being a HTO or habitual traffic offender
Vehicular homicide or manslaughter
Careless driving
Leaving the scene of an accident
Attempting to elude law enforcement

Misdemeanors are less serious crimes, generally punishable by a fine or incarceration in the county jail for less than one year. Although precise classifications vary on a state-by-state basis, common examples of traffic misdemeanors include:
?Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
?Failing to stop at the scene of an accident,
?Driving without a valid driver's license,
?Driving without insurance, and
?Reckless driving.

Examples of felony traffic offenses include repeat DUI/DWI convictions, certain "hit and run" offenses, and vehicular homicide.

Criminal Defense

Vehicle identification guide

Ambulance driver
What does a Ambulance Driver do?
An ambulance driver is skilled to drive emergency vehicles to a scene as fast and safely as possible. They may also assist emergency medical technicians (EMT) riding in their ambulance to transport patients to and from stretchers and aboard their vehicle. They would also be expected to know how to use CPR and administer first aid if necessary. Ambulance drivers are not Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

How to Become an Ambulance Driver

State laws may very, but to become an ambulance driver, these are the requirements in the state of California. You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license with a safe driving record. You would also need to pass an ambulance driver written exam. When you go to renew your certificate to drive an ambulance however, you’ll need to have a valid EMT certification. If you are volunteering to drive an ambulance, you may not need to meet the EMT certification requirement.

In addition to those requirements, each state’s DMV would also require you to meet vision and eye test standards. Bear in mind, you’ll be lifting patients and this job also requires physical strength. Lifting heavy weight would also be a requirement for this job. Requirements may vary by state, so check your state requirements to gain your certification to drive an ambulance.

Job Description of an Ambulance Driver

Along with transporting sick or injured patients safely from one location to another, they must also perform the day-to-day tasks of ensuring their equipment and patient area is sanitized and orderly. They might be asked to provide details about the scene to hospital staff, fire, or police officials that arrive to the scene.

Ambulance drivers are not EMT’s but they may assist EMT’s to safely transfer patients to stretchers and help them load a patient onto the vehicle.

Ambulance Driver Career Video Transcript Ambulance drivers and attendants drive vehicles and assist in transporting sick or injured people. Saving lives requires speed but never at the cost of control. Drivers and attendants carefully move patients, place them on stretchers, and secure them in the vehicle. They must be ready to administer first aid, such as bandaging a wound or administering CPR to a person in distress. Many of these jobs do not come with flashing lights and sirens, however. People recovering from medical procedures, or who need help getting to and from medical appointments, are also taken care of by ambulance drivers and attendants.

These workers often provide reassurance and help calm people in a high state of anxiety. Most candidates entering the field have a high school diploma or equivalent, although it’s not always required. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license, and many jobs require certifications such as Emergency Vehicle Operator, first aid, and CPR.

Testing for drug or alcohol use occurs regularly. With additional education and training, an ambulance driver and attendant may become an emergency medical technician or EMT. This is a job that requires physical strength and patience under pressure. Even though you might need to hurry, you can never rush.

Car driving guidelines
What should you know about car driving?
How do you drive a car?
What is your purpose of learning to drive?
Has state department of transportation established any requirement for transportation services?
What type of transportation services does the state department of transportation need?
What are the route, timing, type of passengers, and type of vehicle?
Are there others who would like to provide this service?
Car driving guidelines


Vehicle Class Guide

School Bus Driver
What questions should be answered before you try to become a school bus driver in the state?

Are your abilities and skills more or less than a school bus driver?

Are others in the state willing to be school bus drivers in case your abilities and skills are more than a school bus driver while the requirement for school bus driver has been circulated?

Who from the state has circulated this requirement?

If a specific state department has not circulated an advertisement for school bus driver in the state, do not go ahead with this endeavor.

What are duties of a school bus driver in the state?

Heavy truck drivers
How to Prep for a Level 1 DOT Inspection

No one likes getting stopped in the middle of delivery for a DOT inspection, but it’s part of being a truck driver. The good news is, with a little preparation, you can make sure your Level 1 DOT Inspection is quick and easy.

As any good sports fan knows, the best defense is a good offense and this list will help you fly through your DOT inspection and get back on the road faster.

There are six different inspection levels. A level 1 inspection, or the North American Standard Inspection, is the most thorough DOT inspection. It’s a detailed inspection of both the truck and the truck driver. The inspector will examine your seat belt, tail lamps, steering wheel, exhaust system, and everything required for driving safely. He or she will also look at documents like your driver’s license, medical certificate, waiver, and hours-of-service documentation.

Medical examiner’s certificate
Alcohol and drug use
Daily logs
Hours of Service (HOS) documentation
Seat belt use
Driver and vehicle inspection reports
Brake system
Coupling devices
Exhaust system
Truck frame
Fuel system
Turn signals
Brake lamps
Tail lamps
Head lamps
Lamps on projecting loads
Safe loading
Steering mechanism
Van and open-top trailer bodies
Wheels and rims
Windshield wipers
Hazardous materials (HM) requirements: If you’re a hazmat hauler, have your shipping papers ready.
Now that you know what an inspector is looking for during a Level 1 DOT Inpsection, you can check your truck before you hit the road to make sure everything is working properly. One of the most effective ways to stay compliant and protect yourself from violations is to do a pre-trip inspection.

Do a walk-around inspection: See if anything on the truck looks damaged or out of place. Check your mirror brackets, doors, windows, steps, and weather stripping to make sure everything is working.

Check your lights: Check all lights, lenses, and headlights to make sure there isn’t any fogging or cracking.

Check the engine compartment: Look at your water pump, radiator, air compressor pump, and power steering pump to make sure they aren’t cracked, damaged or loose.

Check your tires: Check the air pressure to make sure it’s at the reccommended psi and make sure tires are free from bumps, cuts or abrasions, don’t have nails in them, and have plenty of tread.

Check the brake system: Look at your truck’s brake pads and drums to make sure they aren’t cracked, damaged, or loose. Be sure to test your brakes, making sure you push your brake knobs in before testing. Then do a static brake check, applied pressure test, low pressure warning signal test, and check your emergency valves.

Inspect the inside of the cab: Look at your truck’s windshield, mirrors, defroster, windshield wipers, hazard signals, turn signals, and gauges to make sure everything is working properly.

Test the engine and horns: Check that the engine is working properly by revving the engine and testing your horns.

For more thorough information, check out this video on how to do a pre-trip inspection.

By following these ______, you and your truck will be ready to ace your Level 1 DOT inspection! If you do get pulled over for an inspection, remember to keep the inside of your truck clean, have your paperwork easily available or together in a three-ring-binder and always be pleasant and polite to the inspector.

Passenger Vehicle Driver
What is a passenger vehicle?
A passenger car is a road motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine persons (including the driver).

Can Passengers Drink Alcohol In a Car?

Open Container Laws

Most states have laws prohibiting the presence of open cans, bottles, or other unsealed containers of alcoholic beverages (even if empty) on sidewalks, streets, and inside vehicles.


Passenger car drivers are more likely to die in crashes with SUVs, regardless of crash ratings



Class A: Any combination of vehicles with a Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of 26,001 lbs. or more, provided the GVWR of the vehicle(s) being towed is in excess of 10,000 lbs.

Class B: Any single vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lbs. or more, or any such vehicle towing a vehicle not in excess of 10,000 lbs. GVWR.

Class C: Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 16,001 lbs. or more but less than 26,001 lbs. GVWR, or any such vehicle towing a vehicle not in excess of 10,000 lbs. GVWR or any vehicle less than 26,001 lbs. GVWR designed to transport 16 or more people including the driver or used in the transportation of hazardous materials which requires the vehicle to be placarded.

Class D: Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 16,000 lbs. or less that is not designed to transport 16 or more people or not used in the transportation of hazardous materials which would require such vehicle to be placarded.

Class L: Any motor-driven cycle with less than 150cc displacement.

Class M: Any motorcycle with 150cc or greater displacement.

Temporary Visitors Driver’s License (TVDL): All applicants must provide a valid, unexpired foreign passport or an Illinois State Police-approved Consular Card. The TVDL is valid for driving purposes only. It is not valid for identification purposes. The TVDL will be valid for three years from the date of publication and is only valid if the card holder is able to provide proof of liability insurance. The applicant must have resided in Illinois for more than 12 months.

Secretary of State may issue a restricted driving permit for a period as appropriate, but no longer than 2 years from the date of issuance.



Non-commercial Driver's Licenses

Commercial Driver's Licenses


Tow Truck Driver

These Are The Most Important Skills For A Tow Truck Driver

State department of transportation.

States around the world.
What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

North American States

  1. Alabama (AL)

  2. Alaska (AK)

  3. Arizona (AZ)

  4. Arkansas (AR)

  5. Alberta (AB)

  6. British Columbia (BC)

  7. California (CA)

  8. Colorado (CO)

  9. Connecticut (CT)

  10. Delaware (DE)

  11. Florida (FL)

  12. Georgia (GA)

  13. Hawaii (HI)

  14. Idaho (ID)

  15. Illinois (IL)

  16. Indiana (IN)

  17. Iowa (IA)

  18. Kansas (KS)

  19. Kentucky (KY)

  20. Louisiana (LA)

  21. Maine (ME)

  22. Maryland (MD)

  23. Massachusetts (MA)

  24. Michigan (MI)

  25. Minnesota (MN)

  26. Mississippi (MS)

  27. Missouri (MO)

  28. Montana (MT)

  29. Manitoba (MB)

  30. Mexico (MX)

  31. Nebraska (NE)

  32. Nevada (NV)

  33. New Hampshire (NH)

  34. New Jersey (NJ)

  35. New Mexico (NM)

  36. New York (NY)

  37. North Carolina (NC)

  38. North Dakota (ND)

  39. New Brunswick (NB)

  40. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

  41. Northwest Territories (NT)

  42. Nova Scotia (NS)

  43. Nunavut (NU)

  44. Ohio (OH)

  45. Oklahoma (OK)

  46. Oregon (OR)

  47. Ontario (ON)

  48. Pennsylvania (PA)

  49. Prince Edward Island (PE)

  50. Quebec (QC)

  51. Rhode Island (RI)

  52. South Carolina (SC)

  53. South Dakota (SD)

  54. Saskatchewan (SK)

  55. Tennessee (TN)

  56. Texas (TX)

  57. Utah (UT)

  58. Vermont (VT)

  59. Virginia (VA)

  60. Washington (WA)

  61. West Virginia (WV)

  62. Wisconsin (WI)

  63. Wyoming (WY)

  64. Yukon (YT)

  65. Central America

  66. Cuba/Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic/Haiti

  67. Island

  68. Asian States

  69. Albania

  70. Andorra

  71. Armenia

  72. Austria

  73. Azerbaijan

  74. Arkhangelsk Oblast

  75. Anhui Province

  76. Afghanistan

  77. Assam

  78. Arunachal Pradesh

  79. Andhra Pradesh

  80. Andaman and Nicober Islands

  81. Balochistan

  82. Bahrain

  83. Bangladesh

  84. Belarus

  85. Belgium

  86. Bhutan

  87. Bihar

  88. Brunei

  89. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  90. Bulgaria

  91. Chechnya

  92. Croatia

  93. Cyprus

  94. Czech Republic

  95. Cambodia

  96. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

  97. Chhattisgarh

  98. Daman and Diu

  99. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  100. Dagestan

  101. Denmark

  102. Delhi/Haryana

  103. England

  104. Estonia

  105. East Timor

  106. Eastern Province (Dammam)

  107. Finland

  108. Fujian Province

  109. France

  110. Gujarat

  111. Goa

  112. Georgia

  113. Germany

  114. Gibraltar

  115. Greece

  116. Gansu Province

  117. Guangdong Province

  118. Guangxi Province

  119. Guizhou

  120. Heilongjiang

  121. Hong Kong

  122. Hubei

  123. Hainan Province

  124. Henan Province

  125. Hunan Province

  126. Himachal Pradesh

  127. Hungary

  128. Inner Mongolia

  129. Indonesia

  130. Iran

  131. Iraq

  132. Iceland

  133. Ireland

  134. Italy

  135. Japan

  136. Jeddah

  137. Jiangxi Province

  138. Jordan

  139. Jiangsu

  140. Jiangxi

  141. Jilin

  142. Jharkhand

  143. Kashmir

  144. Karnataka

  145. Krasnoyarsk Krai/Kashmir

  146. Kazakhstan

  147. Kerala

  148. Korea - North

  149. Korea - South

  150. Kyrgyzstan

  151. Kuwait

  152. Kaliningrad Oblast

  153. Lakshadweep

  154. Latvia

  155. Liechtenstein

  156. Lithuania

  157. Luxembourg

  158. Laos

  159. Lebanon

  160. Liaoning Province

  161. Liaoning

  162. Manipur

  163. Mizoram

  164. Maharashtra

  165. Madhya Pradesh

  166. Meghalaya

  167. Malaysia

  168. Magadan Oblast

  169. Mongolia

  170. Myanmar

  171. Macedonia

  172. Malta

  173. Medina

  174. Mecca

  175. Moldova

  176. Monaco

  177. Montenegro

  178. Nagaland

  179. Netherlands

  180. Northern Ireland

  181. Norway

  182. Ningxia

  183. Nepal

  184. Oman

  185. Orissa

  186. Puducherry

  187. Punjab

  188. Peshawar

  189. Philippines

  190. Poland

  191. Portugal

  192. Palestine

  193. Qinghai

  194. Qatar

  195. Rajasthan

  196. Riyadh

  197. Romania

  198. Sikkim

  199. Syria

  200. Sindh

  201. Singapore

  202. Sri Lanka

  203. Scotland

  204. Serbia

  205. Slovakia

  206. Slovenia

  207. Spain

  208. Sweden

  209. Switzerland

  210. Shaanxi Province

  211. Shandong

  212. Shanxi

  213. Sichuan

  214. Taiwan

  215. Tajikistan

  216. Thailand

  217. Tripura

  218. Tamil Nadu

  219. Turkey

  220. Turkmenistan

  221. Ukraine

  222. Uzbekistan

  223. Uttarakhand

  224. United Arab Emirates

  225. Uttar Pradesh

  226. Vietnam

  227. Vatican City

  228. Wales

  229. West Bengal

  230. Xinjiang

  231. Yunnan

  232. Yamalia

  233. Yemen

  234. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

  235. Zhejiang

  236. Algeria

  237. Angola

  238. Burundi

  239. Benin

  240. Burkina Faso

  241. Botswana

  242. Cape Verde

  243. Côte d'Ivoire

  244. Comoros

  245. Cameroon

  246. Central African Republic

  247. Chad

  248. Canary Islands

  249. Ceuta

  250. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  251. Djibouti

  252. Egypt

  253. Eritrea

  254. Ethiopia

  255. Equatorial Guinea

  256. Gabon

  257. Gambia

  258. Ghana

  259. Guinea

  260. Guinea-Bissau

  261. Kenya

  262. Liberia

  263. Libya

  264. Lesotho

  265. Madagascar

  266. Malawi

  267. Mauritius

  268. Mayotte

  269. Mozambique

  270. Mali

  271. Mauritania

  272. Madeira

  273. Melilla

  274. Morocco

  275. Niger

  276. Nigeria

  277. Namibia

  278. Réunion

  279. Rwanda

  280. Republic of the Congo

  281. São Tomé and Príncipe

  282. Saint Helena

  283. Senegal

  284. Sierra Leone

  285. Seychelles

  286. Somalia

  287. South Africa

  288. Swaziland

  289. South Sudan

  290. Sudan

  291. Tanzania

  292. Togo

  293. Tunisia

  294. Uganda

  295. Western Sahara

  296. Zambia

  297. Zimbabwe

  298. Northern Territory

  299. South Australia

  300. Queensland

  301. New South Wales

  302. Victoria (Australia)

  303. Western Australian

  304. Tasmania

  305. New Zealand

  306. Acre (Asif Province)

  307. Alagoas

  308. Amapá

  309. Amazonas

  310. Bahia

  311. Buenos Aires Province

  312. Ceará

  313. Chubut Province

  314. Córdoba Province

  315. Goiás

  316. Bolivia

  317. Chile

  318. Colombia

  319. Ecuador

  320. Falkland Islands

  321. French Guiana

  322. Guyana

  323. Paraguay

  324. Peru

  325. Río Negro

  326. Santa Cruz

  327. Santa Fe Province

  328. Salta Province

  329. South Georgia

  330. Suriname

  331. Uruguay

  332. Venezuela

Last Updated: February 10, 2020