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State Hospitality and Protocol.
What should an individual or individuals associated with hospitality know?
You must know about state hospitality and protocol.

Hotels are state hotels.
You cannot get involved in any criminal activity. In case of any criminal activity, you get charged with criminal offences with punishments.

Any person involved in such criminal activity must be asked to stay away from hotels pending punishment.

There is a difference between a hotel and brothel. Brothels are forbidden.
Hotels are meant to enhance economy of the state.

How are hotels utilized to enhance the economy of the state?
A highly skilled individual or individuals is/are asked to come to the state as a state guest and enhances skills and knowledge of individuals ranging from education, agriculture and food sciences, textiles, health care, transportation, security, engineering, and other departments.

The state department of hospitality and protocol maintains a rotation of the managing directors of the hotels in the state.

The media cannot glorify any individual involved in criminal activities.

What are the essential ingredients of an economy?
A. Food.
B. Clothing.
C. Construction.
D. Maintenance services.
E. Health care.
F. Security.
G. Transportation.
H. Consumer goods.
I. Communications.v J. Education.

What aren't essential ingredients of the economy?
A. Entertainment.
B. Tourism.
C. Nonessential handicrafts.
D. Wildlife sanctuaries.
E. Religious institutions not imparting
situation-specific education.
F. Non-health related sports.
G. Lottery.
H. Ineffective, harmful social services.
I. Harmful property management burdening police, courts, health care resources.
J. Banks and other institutions that try to get involved in loans, funding, financing.
K. Banks that don't integrate with industry-specific, situation-specific education resources and display publicly. Department of economy and budget is essential.

What are the essential departments in every state?
1. State department of agriculture and food sciences.
2. State department of economy and budget.
3. State department of health.
4. State department of school education.
5. State department of housing and development.
6. State department of police or defense.
7. State department of water.
8. State department of electricity.
9. State department of textiles.
10. State department of telecommunications.
11. State department of transportation.
12. State department of food and supplies.
13. State department of planning and development.
14. State department of information and broadcasting.
15. State department of law/justice.
16. State department of Secretary of State.
17. State department of mechanical engineering.
18. State department of higher education.
19. State department of Human Resources
20. State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management
21. State department of human services
22. State department of defense
23. State department of engineering
24. State Hospitality and Protocol
25. Public Libraries
26. State department of Roads & Buildings
27. Other.

What did you understand after reading these facts?
Last Updated: April 21, 2017