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What are the duties of a governor?
Here are various duties of the governor of the state.
A governor has to guide others.
A governor has to guide others in question-and-answer format.
A governor should be able to guide in the English language.
A governor should be able to answer relevant questions.
A governor should be able to guide with regard to good character, good behavior, rights, state planning and development with global perspective, economy, and budget.

You should know about good character, good behavior, rights, state planning and development, state economy, essential ingredients of economy, state budget, and at least essential commodities act, essential services maintenance act, and fair housing act.

The governor of the state guides through the Internet.

If the governor of the state cannot guide through the Internet, the governor or caretaker governor should refer to this location:

All officers should be updated that guidelines are at this location.

The governor guides other governors around the world.

The governor guides other workers around the world.

The governor of the state is the chief executive of the state.

The governor of the state seeks help from other state governors in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

The governor of the state recommends disciplinary action in case of harms or dereliction of duty from others.

The governor has to be a role model for others.

The competence of the governor is essential.

In some regions, governors must be at least 30 years old. The governor of the state has to be experienced. Thirty years of age is too young to be governor. At 40 years, one is able to answer relevant questions and guide others, at least teachers, lawyers, engineers, medical doctors, etc.

The governor of the state keeps watch on any legislative directives to be sure that they endorse good character, good behavior, insight of rights, state planning and development, state economy, and state budget.

The governor of the state appoints the attorney general, secretary of state, and other subordinates, as well as members of boards and commissions who oversee the heads of state agencies and departments.

All police, sheriffs, jail warden, etc., work under the guidelines of good character set by a well-behaved, competent governor.

All departments in the state and relevant departments outside the state get guidelines from a competent governor of the state.

Among the governorís duties:

Serves as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.

Convenes special sessions of officers for specific purposes.

Regularly updates report on the condition of the state to the people of the state, surrounding states, and the world.

Estimates products and services in essential ingredients of the economy required for residents of the state.

Estimates indigenous products in essential ingredients of the economy from the state.

Monitors to assure that all residents of the state have all 10 basic human needs.

Supervises the stateís law department.

Declares certain vacancies.

Appoints those to fill various vacancies in departments.

Watches that the population of the state does not exceed 10 million.

Watches to assure that the state is within the minimum required dimension of 360,000 square miles.

Can a person be a governor or head of the state if he/she does not know and practice good character, good behavior, skills and knowledge of state planning and development, rights, economy, budget, various relevant criminal offenses and English language?

Q: What will happen if the state governor, state governing council, and associates are not competent?
A: Your basic rights won't be protected.
Harms will increase.
People will face premature death, disability, and other harms.
Your rights will get violated.

Q: What are the duties and responsibilities of the army in the state?
A: It has to provide supportive services to competent police and administration to protect the rights of the people.
Every state has a state army.
The Army must know relevant criminal offenses.
    Who is head of this/your department?
    Who nominated him?
    Who confirmed him?
    What is the remuneration?
    What are his duties and responsibilities?
    What are the skills and knowledge required for his position?
    Does he have the skills and knowledge to fulfill these duties and responsibilities?
    Q: Where are the guidelines for state governor, state governing council, and associates?
    Chapter 1 Accounts
    Chapter 2 Aeronautics and Space
    Chapter 3 Agriculture and food sciences
    Chapter 4 Communications
    Chapter 5 Constitution
    Chapter 6 City Services
      What are the city services?
    Chapter 7 Economy and budget
    Chapter 8 Emergencies
    Chapter 9 Education
    Chapter 10 Electricity
    Chapter 11 Governor
    Chapter 12 Health Care
    Chapter 13 Immigration
    Chapter 14 Inter-state representative
    Chapter 15 Industry-specific
    Chapter 16 Judicial Administration
    Chapter 17 Postal Service
    Chapter 18 Patents, Logos, and Copyright
    Chapter 19 Protection of Environment
    Chapter 20 State housing and development
    Chapter 21 State planning and development
    Chapter 22 State Legislative Reference Bureau
      Does your state have a State Legislative Reference Bureau?
    Chapter 23 Secretary of State
    Chapter 24 Security and legal services
    Chapter 25 State legislative members
    Chapter 26 Transportation
    Chapter 27 Universities
    Chapter 28 Water Supply
    Chapter 29 Others
Civil Aviation
Comptroller and Auditor General
    Air force, Armed forces, Navy, Costal guards.
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Corrections
Estates and Information Departments
Environment & Ecology
Fire Services
Department of Natural resources
General Administration Department
Hospitality & Protocol
Drug Control Department
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Information and Broadcasting
Public Enterprises
Parks and Playlots
Places of Worship
Department for Libraries
Social security/public distribution system
Information Technology
Science & Technology
How many professionals should the governor of a state be able to guide?
Here are further guidelines.